Catholic Exchange: Eight Percent Virus

Scientists claim you are eight percent virus. How should you respond? Read here, my response at Catholic Exchange:

The constant reporting of material similarities between the human body and simpler forms of life is often used to intimidate believers with the claim that man is no more than an animal. A return to the more sober thought found in Aristotle and Aquinas can help us to see the error of this charge. When we investigate only matter, we have to face the fact that the human body shares 100% of its elements with a pile of manure, 90% of its genes with a monkey, and 8% of those genes with a lowly virus. The human body may have inherited the genetic material of a long evolutionary history. Yet such a claim should bother the Christian no more than the Bible’s claim that the body is made of dirt. Our exceptional nature is not found in the listing of the basic components of our structure, but rather in the supernatural form God has given us, ordered beyond this world to the Creator of all matter Himself.

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