Catholic Controversies

Stephen Gabriel has just published Catholic Controversies, a collection of essays from Catholic authors on various central topics in the interaction between Catholicism and the world.

“Catholic Controversies gives Catholics and others seeking the truth a valuable resource for correcting the most common misunderstandings and myths perpetuated by the media, university professors and the uninformed. Catholic Controversies collects the very best articles addressing most of the “hot-button” issues used to undermine both the authority of the Church and the faith of Catholics, especially young people. The topics range from proofs of God’s existence to the Spanish Inquisition to human cloning and stem-cell research.”

The essays are written by authors such as Peter Kreeft, Mark Shea, Stephen Barr, Carl Olson, Charles Rice, and many more.

My own essay “Why Conception?”, discussing why conception is the only scientifically reasonable point to identify as the beginning of human life, is included in the section on morals and abortion.

Go here to read more about this book and get a copy.

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